What Do Asian American Voters Really Think?

Let’s Take Back the Narrative

Recently, Fox News said they wanted to know what Asian American Voters thought about this year’s election, but instead released an offensive video package with Bill O’Reilly commenting “it’s all in good fun.”

Hmmm… that doesn’t seem right. Let’s speak up – and let everyone know what Asian American Voters really think, and film your own #IAmAsianAmerican PSA.


Create a :15 second “selfie” PSA video and post it on your social media channel and tag #IAmAsianAmerican

How to make a #I Am Asian American Selfie Video:

  2. Create a 0:15 second “selfie” video (see Format 1 and 2: note the bullets are just examples of what we’ve captured, feel free to add your own words)
  3. Upload to social media channel
  4. Tag #IAmAsianAmerican

PSA Format 1: “I Am Asian American, and this year I am voting ….”

Examples Include

  • ….because my voice matters
  • ….because my votes count
  • … for my family
  • ….for my future

PSA Format 2: “I Am Asian American, and I am …”


Examples include:

  • …proud to be a curly hair HAPA!
  • …proud to be a swing state voter!
  • … A liberal
  • ….A conservative
Print your own sign


Watch the PSA

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